The following policies are our current refund, cancellation and return policies. Bluestone Video Productions reserves the right to amend the policies as stated at any time by posting revised policies on this Site. Except as otherwise stated, all amendments will be effective 5 days after they are posted on this Site. Our Refund, Cancellation and Return Policies as set out below shall be sometimes referred to collectively as "our policies".

1. Refund Policy:

Bluestone Video Productions shall hold your funds as received from you as a deposit (the "deposit") towards work to be performed on your screenplay/script (the "submissions") to be provided to us for our review and feedback (the "submission request"). Once we receive your submissions, Bluestone Video Productions will be considered to have earned the deposit in full, whether or not the submissions have been reviewed or feedback has been provided to you the customer.

Bluestone Video Productions does, however, reserve the right in its absolute discretion to provide a partial refund of funds received from you for a review of your submissions, if minimal time has been spent on our review prior to receiving written notice of the cancelation of your submission request, but Bluestone Video Productions cannot be bound to provide a refund under these circumstances.

2. Cancellation Policy:

You may cancel your submission request at any time prior to delivery of your submissions to us and receive a full refund of your deposit, subject to a 10% cancelation fee. Cancelation in writing must be received prior to the receipt of your submissions.

Bluestone Video Productions reserves the right to cancel your submission request upon the refund of your deposit in full.

3. Return Policy:

Should you cancel your submission request, you shall be responsible to prepay the cost of returning your submissions to you, should you require the return thereof. Should Bluestone Video Productions cancel the submission request, we will return the submissions to you by regular prepaid post at our expense provided that you supply us with your full mailing address.

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